13 July 2007

Boris Berezovsky: Oligarch, Murderer, MI6 Agent

Today there's an interesting item on SOTT that caught my attention: Brazil orders Berezovsky, soccer bosses detained. It's one of those little "tip of the ice-berg" things that just make you go "hmmmm..." The story tells us that:

Judge Fausto Martin de Sanctis froze the bank accounts of one of Brazil's most popular teams and said Interpol would be asked to carry out the overseas arrests of Berezovsky, Kia Joorabchian and Nojan Bedroud.

The article then notes - rather disingenuously in my opinion - that:

Berezovsky was Russia's most prominent and controversial businessman in the mid- and late-1990s and a Kremlin insider under Russia's first post-Soviet president, Boris Yeltsin.

But he fled to London in 2000 and has become a vocal critic of President Vladimir Putin. Britain has annoyed Moscow by rejecting requests to extradite the businessman to Russia on corruption charges.

So, Russia wants Boris but the UK won't give him up, and now, all of a sudden, Brazil wants him too and is issuing an arrest warrant? Say what?! Is somebody putting the screws to Boris? It's hardly likely that London will give him up... hmmm... maybe that's the point: somebody is putting the screws to MI6 through Boris? Just to refresh your mind, have a look at the following items:

Berezovsky on wanted list in 2001

Russians point finger at Berezovsky over ex-spy's death

Polonium detected at Berezovsky's office

Boris Berezovsky: The first oligarch

Berezovsky to be interviewed by Russian detectives

Blockbuster Revelations!! Mystery witness implicates Berezovsky in Litvinenko murder

Berezovsky:'I am plotting a new Russian revolution'; London exile Berezovsky says force necessary to bring down President Putin

Russia vows legal action against Berezovsky on sedition charges

Lugovoi be aware! Berezovsky says you are a dead man.

Britain: Litvinenko murder not intelligence-linked. Berezovsky denies his MI6 connections

Lugovoi says Litvinenko, Berezovsky spied for U.K.

Russia says Litvinenko visited Chechnya to kill for Berezovsky

Berezovsky fraud case goes to court

Berezovsky charged with plotting coup in Russia - lawyer

No surprise! CPS advises police no prosecution of Boris Berezovsky over press report

Russia says U.K. refusal to open case vs. Berezovsky ungrounded

UPDATE!! Oooh! Things are heating up! Lookit this:

Britain 'will expel Russian diplomats over Litvinenko'

Russian diplomats are facing expulsion from Britain as the crisis over the murder of Alexander Litvinenko escalated today.

Moscow and London are on the brink of a damaging showdown after President Vladimir Putin refused to hand over the main suspect in the poisoning of the former spy.

The Foreign Office is expected to announce a tough response as early as next week after Moscow formally confirmed it would not extradite Andrei Lugovoi. Downing Street is considering a range of "punitive measures" including ejecting diplomats - a move certain to prompt a "tit for tat" response from Moscow.

Looks to me like some "tit for tat" stuff is already going on here!

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