28 January 2008

ei: Closure turns Gaza's streets into sewers

ei: Closure turns Gaza's streets into sewers: "GAZA CITY, 28 January (IPS) - A stream of dark and putrid sludge snakes through Gaza's streets. It is a noxious mix of human and animal waste. The stench is overwhelming. The occasional passer-by vomits.

Over recent days this has been a more common sight than the sale of food on the streets of Gaza, choked by a relentless Israeli siege."

For how long will this barbarism continue? The world looks on and does nothing. Seventy-six more Palestinians have died and 293 have been injured since the first of the year.

The future of the Palestinians is your future and my future. The pathocrats are using Palestine as the test case, a place to try out their weapons, their strategies. It will end up on your doorstep because for the pathocrats, we are as insignificant and subhuman as the Zionists consider the Palestinians.

The fundamentalist Chrsitians think Jesus is going to come and haul their butts out of the fire before it gets too rough. It is obvious that such an idea is wishful thinking to the extreme.

What is your excuse?

Probably a lot more subtle.

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