04 April 2007

Getting Started: Signs Of The Times Blog!

Over the past few days the SOTT team and I have been discussing the bizarre story about the airliner that had a close encounter with a meteorite. (See: Airliner Almost Hit: It was a meteorite, not a satellite, says Russia ). Coming so soon after the publication of my article Forget About Global Warming: We're One Step From Extinction! it struck us almost as a "sign of the times" that we really needed to pay closer attention to this phenomenon. Odds are increasing daily that the ideas presented in that piece are on the money: Humanity is facing a global cataclysm of Atlantean proportions in the near future from which very little of our modern world will emerge intact - if anything at all.

I mulled it over for a few days, considering all the angles, including the fact that most of the masses are truly blissfully asleep and unaware of the danger. Sure, I know that a lot of people - if you brought it to their attention - would just shrug and say "Well, there's nothing I can do about it, so just let me live my life as I see fit until it happens and when it does, I'll be happy that I did what I wanted." But then, there are other people who feel a sort of responsibility to the future of humanity and it is those people we are concerned about.

It is very likely that the PTB ARE thinking about their future and the future of humanity in terms of them surviving and coming out on top and making slaves of anyone else who might happen to have survived, and for some reason, that idea really irks me. If someone I loved were to survive some terrible cataclysm on earth, I certainly wouldn't want them to survive only to be made into a slave. (If you want a good idea of what such a life might be like, just read The Thrall's Tale!) If you can consider your children and your children's children living such a life and it doesn't bother you, then you obviously aren't SOTT reader material, so move along and go back to sleep!

So, thinking about it and the many difficulties we often face keeping the site online, dealing with defamers and attackers and so on (who are also frequently involved in maneuvers to force our site off the net), it occurred to me that we need to have some additional back-up systems for the information. I decided to create a new blog just for that purpose: to collect and present the data that we have been accumulating in our database for a number of years now. So, I created it and we are getting the material formatted to upload it there and soon I will announce it. It will consist of most of the material from the News Category on SOTT: Our Haunted Planet. (No, I'm not crazy about that heading, but that's the most "open" and comprehensive title I could come up with at the time. If you have a better idea, let us know.)

BUT, while I was creating the blog to host the "Signs of the Coming Apocalypse" (not trying to be dramatic here, but that does seem to fit!), it occurred to me that I could also create a SOTT blog where readers could go for information in the event that SOTT is down, where we can announce important news that really deserves focus, new features of SOTT, and also where those of us who work on SOTT can post our occasional thoughts about this Service that we perform and how we deal with it on a day to day basis. I can give you a hint: it isn't easy to observe that humanity swims in a sea of lies daily and that nowhere on the planet does there seem to be a place where Truth is actually valued as a social or cultural precept!

And so, the SOTT Blog has been born.

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