18 April 2007

Manufacturing Terror

Things were getting pretty warm for the administration over the past few weeks, what with the Prosecutor's purge and Bush's "Fascist Law Czar" - Gonzales - getting ready to be called on the carpet in a serious way. (If you want to know how hot it was getting, just go to SOTT and use the search to find "prosecutors".)

Thankfully, all that is over now: we have a new media feeding frenzy: the Va. Tech. Massacre.

Yes, indeedy. Who cares if Bush and Rove were stacking the courts now?! After all, it is not JUST about "terr'rists" anymore since ANYBODY can be one and they can be anywhere!

A correspondent wrote to me last night an interesting remark: "Imagine billionaires with sick and twisted minds and a warped view of government who get together to manufacture a wave of terror against the American people so they demand a dictator."

Wow! What a concept!

You could say that what we have here is the "Suicide Bombing Cycle" on our doorstep. Heck, we've had it for awhile, but those clever Pathocrats have tailored it just for us.


Amelopsis said...

"... but those clever Pathocrats have tailored it just for us."

And now they can rationalize a whole new avenue of funding to a willing public, very convenient since arguments against war funding are ever-increasing in number.

Keit said...

Something is wrong with this picture.
Have you noticed that official "sources" still didn't come up with an interpretation
of Ismail Ax, or didn't mention it at all?
I think it's on purpose, because maybe they wanted the public to "discover" the meaning by themselves and make the proper "conclusions".
Reminds me of what Laura wrote in "The Hope" article
about Nazi structure of 'Working towards the Führer':

'Working towards the Führer' suggests a strange kind of political structure. Not one in which those in power issue orders but one in which those at the lower end of the hierarchy initiate policies themselves within what they take to be the spirit of the regime and carry on implementing them until corrected. Perhaps the nearest example we have in British history occurred when Henry II is supposed to have said, 'Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?' and the barons rushed to Canterbury to murder Thomas à Becket. No direct order was given, but the courtiers sensed what would please their liege lord.

So maybe this time deviants decided to use different tactic. Leak significant info and let people be worked up about its implications. This way it is possible that public itself will demand blood and fire if any Muslim connection will be discovered.

On the other hand, Ismail Ax may be a codename or an activation code, something that has a meaning and use only for those who are in the know.